I live for quality, passion and poetry.

Live's too short for the mediocre. For me and for you. For everyone.

"Did he have passion?" Was it the Greeks who asked this at a man's headstone? Live with passion not to be remembered after you're gone, but to inspire others when you're still here.

Is it not the complexity of life, the endless possibilities, the twists of fate and coincidence, both fortunate and ironic that make life not only interesting but truly fascinating? To burn with inspiration as an apprentice to a master craftsman.


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Singer with well-developed and broad-ranging vocal abilities. I can sing nearly every style of singing, e.g. Eddie Vedder, Sinatra, Tom Jones, Ian Gillian, Paul Rodgers, David Bowie.

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I am a professional tour guide based in Dublin City. As a tour guide, I am energetic and enthusiastic, professional but personal, and most importantly, knowledgeable and entertaining. As a freelancer, I am organised, self-motivation and committed.

My role requires a keen interest in history and learning in general; a reliable ability to recall; and an appreciation of customer service and satisfaction.

For some of the tours I provide, e.g. haunted tours, a degree of theatrical experience, or, in my case, propensity is essential.

Another of my attributes which complement my tour guide profile is my musical ability. I like to share a sample of my singing voice with many of my clients.

Credentials (3)

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Projects (3)

Reading up on History/Tour Content


Bank architecture in Dublin city (how buildings that are now book shops and schools started off life as banks)
The Dublin Hellfire Club and other anti-social clubs during the Georgian era.
Daniel O'Connell

Tour improvements


Developing various techniques and elements to make my tours the greatest tours that clients will ever take.

Work History

Tour Guide


July 2012 - Present

Continuing my role with Eurolingua as tour guide for language students at ULearn.
My clear articulation, not to mention my exceptional knowledge of Dublin, my experience guiding groups, and my friendly, energetic and fun personality ensure that I the perfect guide for these students.

Barman, Server

Les Berthom

January 2012 - May 2012

I worked in this Belgian beer bar full-time in order to facilitate my 6-month stay in Grenoble and to improve my abilities in the French language.
This varied and challenging position had me communicating in French with clientele and colleagues.
I learned the practicalities of working at the bar and serving at tables, including: immediately greeting the clientele upon entrance; serving quickly and effectively; learning how to properly pour beer; the highest standards in customer service and beer presentation, e.g. each beer has its own glass and coaster the brand name of which should always face the customer.
Having completed four months of work at Les Berthom, Grenoble, I have gained a much greater appreciation and understanding of Belgian beer and beer in general, a greater insight into the pinnacle of bar customer service, and a huge improvement in my abilities to understand and speak French.

City Manager

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Tours

November 2009 - March 2010

Maintained the operations of Dublin as the temporary City Manager
Completed pending projects and pursued new ones with a dynamic approach
Was determined to put systems in place to make Dublin operations more efficient, and I was prepared to invest long hours in order to do so.
Organising, promoting, and communicating with Dublin Team, European managers, and Dublin partners, hotels and hostels.

Tour Guide


September 2008 - Present

Garvan has given over 200 tours of Dublin to thousands of visitors, not to mention dozens of tours outside of Dublin. As well as learning about Dublin, this passionate thespian & raconteur can also educate & entertain you with Irish history, language, mythology, stories, songs, poetry, & ancient Irish society (law, customs, & the bards).

Tour Guide

Tour Guide


September 2008 - Present

Qualifications & Certifications

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

B.A. Internation

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Uppsala universitet

Medieval Irish & Celtic Studies, Philosophy

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Garvan Rushe

Dublin, Ireland